EMV Level 2 Kernel product developed for easy porting that comes with following benefits:

  • EMV Kernel is developed by industry experts who knows and understand the finest details of EMVCo specification and EMVCo Terminal Type
         Approval requirement.
  • Configurable EMV Kernel which helps in quick and efficient EMV Kernel customization.
  • Platform agnostic EMV Kernel gives flexibility in deployment and integrating with Terminal Application and interfaces.

To highlight few of the EMV Level 2 Kernel features are:

  • Application Selection:
  • Full and Partial Application Selection
  • Build Candidate List
  • PSE Selection Method
  • Offline Data Authentication:
  • SDA, DDA and CDA
  • CVM Processing:
  • Offline Plaintext and Offline Enciphered PIN
  • Signature and No CVM
  • Terminal Risk Management:
  • Floor Limit and Velocity Checking
Developer Documentation

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