EMVCo TTA, EMVCo Level 2 contact type Approval, EMVCo Terminal Type Approval and Certification :

  • EMVCo is a consortium facilitate worldwide interoprability and acceptance of chip card.

  • EMVCo TTA defines the specification of Terminal Type Approval and its TTA. EMVCo TTA (EMVCO Terminal Type Approval and Certification) is both for contact and contactless.

  • Vencedor Consultancy Services helps in desing the device as per EMVCo Level 1 contact and contactless requirements.

  • VCS port the EMV Level 2 contact kernel on the POS Hardware device and provide services to get EMVCo Level 2 contact type Approval - Inquire us today.

  • Email us at vencedor@vencedor.net.in or Call us at +91-812 898 6364